Gourmet Preserved fish and shellfish

We buy only campaign and auction products.
We do not use preservatives, dyes, or bleach and we maintain strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process, selecting the best raw material from Galician rias and Cantabrian.
We only buy campaign and auction products, do not use preservatives, dyes, or bleach, and maintain strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process
This rigorous classification of raw materials, together with an elaborate artisanal process and the incorporation of the latest technologies have been the key to differentiate themselves as “jewel” of gastronomy.
We care about the product, processes and technology we use to obtain maximum quality preserves. We analyze the origin of the raw material to obtain the best fish and seafood from the Galician and Cantabrian rivers.
Although we have the most advanced technologies, the processes are handmade: manual packing, time and temperature control, and thorough cleaning.

we are very respectful of the treatment they receive fish and seafood.
we care to preserve all its nutritional values, as well as its taste and texture.
each of the processes is oriented to manufacture artisan Preserves of exceptional quality.
manual packing results in a unique presentation and a runoff above the market average.
in short: demand and level of quality have made us differentiate and be a reference within the Spanish conservation sector.

We guarantee the future of marine biodiversity by defending responsible and selective fishing methods.
In addition, we facilitate the origin of the raw material from the point of Capture to its table.
We take care of the environment, and an example of this is the construction of an underground sewage treatment plant in our factory that avoids a negative impact on the environment.