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Discover our careful selection of Iberian hams and sausages Acorn .

A wide range of Ibericos Acorn Hams and sausages are grown and produced in Spain, with the best value for money.

Enjoy the ibericos Acorn hams and sausages that we have selected for you, for their extraordinary quality and taste.

Our hams, loins and Iberian Acorn sausages are handmade pieces of high quality.

We have pure Acorn iberics both in whole piece as well as boneless and sliced.

Unlike supermarkets, we only work directly with small producers who pamper and care for their Iberian hams and sausages.

That is why they are completely different from those usually found in supermarkets, which are mass produced with little personality.

In short, enjoy them at all times, to bite and also to give a special taste in your meals, which will pleasantly surprise everyone.

We invite you to try our careful selection of excellent ibericos Acorn hams and sausages

Iberian acorns hams and sausages

Acorn Iberian Ham