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Vinegars Gourmet Organic
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The secret of our organic organic gourmet vinegars is the combination of an exceptional raw material (grapes, apples and other organic fruits of Spanish origin) and the careful process of production without additives or sugar, and the aging in oak barrels.
They are made according to the traditional method of oxidation (fermentation) of the wine.
Unlike other vinegar on the market, it is not based on vinegar, must or grape concentrate.
Our vinegar is obtained from the fermentation of the fruit itself and its subsequent aging for 12 months in wooden barrels, so it is called “vintage”.
After careful processing, they rest in American and French oak barrels for the time needed to acquire their incomparable taste.
This aging brings a genuine character that distinguishes each vinegar.
The balsamic is aged in Oak which gives it a characteristic dark tone and also an unequalled aroma.
In short, the processing process is 100% natural and our products do not contain, dyes, preservatives or sulphites.

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Organic Gourmet Vinegar