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Author’s Carnaroli Gourmet rice

The Carnaroli Gourmet rice by author Val de Falcó, belongs to the Japanese variety, and is one of the most used types of rice in the preparation of risotto.

It retains its shape after slow cooking, absorbs the flavors, offers a firm and fluffy texture.

Carnaroli rice is native to Vercelli and Novara, in the Piedmont region of Italy, apparently obtained around 1945.

It is a medium grain rice, round and white, considered the king for risotto, classified as a superfine rice and of the highest quality.

This rice is rich in starch, specifically one of the rice with the highest amylose content (starch molecule).

This quality makes it the type of rice chosen in the high kitchen to guarantee good results in the production of risotto.

It is also somewhat longer than other varieties of the same type of rice, so it provides a more elegant look on the plate.

Nutritionally, we already know the benefits offered by this cereal, choosing the carnaroli variety, besides being as healthy as most rice, is intended to provide the success of a recipe.

It is a gourmet Carnaroli rice by author Val de Falcó, increasingly requested by many of the best chefs .

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