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Discover our careful selection of preserved Gourmet Fish and seafood

All our Preserves of Gourmet Fish and seafood are artisans, made in Spain in a traditional and sustainable way with fish and seafood extracted in Galicia.

They have at their disposal : knives, cockles, mussels, octopus,bonito, tuna, zamburiñas, sardinillas, etc.

Enjoy the exquisite preserves we have selected for you, for their extraordinary quality, flavor and 100% healthy.

We call natural and healthy foods because they do not contain preservatives, dyes, additives or sweeteners.

We only work directly with small producers who take care of their raw materials and produce flavored, healthy foods by hand.

Therefore, they are completely different, to those usually found in supermarkets, which are produced massively, without personality with little quality and usually adding multiple additives.

Enjoy its flavors, textures and aromas that will pleasantly surprise all your guests.

We invite you to try our careful selection of excellent Preserves of Gourmet Fish and seafood that you have in contianution.

Gourmet canned fishs and seafoods

Gourmet Preserved fish and shellfish