For more than 10 years, Spanish Gourmet Export possesses a wide experience, tradition and to be able to do in the world of the supply and drinks Gourmet, with offices and stores placed in Saragossa, Spain.

As exporter of products Gourmet, our main objective is to offer the professional gastronomic channel, natural elaborated products and of very high quality, which for his special characteristics to the being the majority of they of small producers, they do not find in the habitual channels of professional commercialization.

All our products gourmet are elaborated of handcrafted form, using natural food 100 % without preserving, neither additives nor sweeteners.
A high percentage of them they are ecological or with controls regulated by Certified Names of Origin. Our identity is defined in a careful selection of products Gourmet that he will surprise in every sense, for his excellent relation quality / price.
We are specialized in the distribution of food products gourmet, possessing more than 600 gastronomic references of high quality.

Our importing and distribution clients, value the properties of the Spanish product and his quality. EXPORT OF PRODUCTS SPANISH GOURMET Spanish Gourmet Export focuses his activity in the export of products Gourmet to professionals of the hotel and catering business, such as establishments of supply gourmet, restaurants and specialized shops of supply.

If you have an establishment of hotel and catering business or a specialized shop, we would be grateful to him on that it puts in touch with us and we will be been charmed with of showing him our range of products and gastronomic sole rights, and informing him about his rates and conditions of purchase.

On the basis of our extensive experience, we possess a food producers’ extensive network and drinks Gourmet, offering a wide and careful selection of products, between which we can emphasize wines, distilled drinks, hams, sausages, conserves, oils of olive, wine-cellars, beers, cheeses, chocolates, sweets, foies and many more!.

They all are products gourmet of high quality, directed the best restoration, hotelería and shops gourmet Even if it is interested in some type of product that we are not offering nowadays in our catalogue, his consultation can proceed with us, since we have a wide network of contacts in the professional gastronomic sector.

To offer the best service we have in our own stores a wide stock of all the products that we commercialize, guaranteeing a direct service and of quality, having besides an important commercial and logistic infrastructure, and an equipment of professionals with a great experience specialized in the sector of the supply Gourmet.

In addition it can personalize the product with his own brand depending on the volume of units requested. Gourmet will be able to commercialize Spanish products with the brand of his company personalized in the presentation.
It can request his order for different types of product, which they would be Contact us and indicate us what information precise or in what product he is interested, our specialists will attend to him, informing them about all our advantages.


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