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We offer him an elegant selection of ecological products gourmet both of food and of drinks produced in Spain. Our ecological products certified ourmet estan, as ecological agriculture, are produced by means of a series of agrarian technologies that the use excludes normally, in the agriculture and ranching, of chemical products of synthesis like fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, etc., with the aim to preserve the environment, to support or increase the fertility of the soil and to provide food with all his natural properties.

Ecological food and drinks produced in Spain It Knows what you eat: Benefits of ecological alimentos produced by means of the Ecological agriculture: sure, natural and authentic Products.

The products gourmet ecological have benefits for you, for the environment and for the company: For you: It is natural food and with all his nourishing properties. In the production of ecological food chemical substances of synthesis are not used and in his production organisms are not in use modified genetically. This particular method of production guarantees that the ecological food preserves his nourishing properties and are of the major quality.

For his flavor and diversity: The ecological products beside being tasty cover the most ample range, from the traditional fruits and fresh vegetables, up to the honey, the meats, the conserves, the cheeses and sausages, the wine, the olive oil, … The variety is insured. – they are of certified quality.

Besides the official controls that are effected to all the food, the ecological products are an object of an additional certification that guarantees the genuineness of his ecological origin. In the ecological food the traceability and genuineness is guaranteed. For the environment: – of sustainable production.

It is a way of agrarian production and sustainable rancher, who does a rational use of the natural resources and does not compromise them for future generations. – they avoid the pollution and favor the biodiversity.

The ecological food and drinks, on having done without chemical substances, avoid the pollution of the air, soil and water.
In addition, on having used more respectful technologies, it generates an increase of the biological activity of the soil. – they contribute to the development of the rural zones. The ecological agriculture needs a major volume of work, for what it generates employment in the rural zones.

Regulation: The ecological agriculture is regulated legally in Spain from 1989, in which there was approved the Regulation of the Generic Name ” Ecological Agriculture “, which was of application up to the entry into force of the Regulation (CEE) 2092/91 on the agricultural ecological production and his indication in the agrarian and food products.


In Spain, the control and the certification of the agrarian ecological production is a competition of the Autonomous Communities and there are carried out for the most part by public authorities of control, across Advices or territorial Committees of Ecological Agriculture that are organisms dependent on the correspondents Consejerías or Departments of Agriculture, or directly by Headquarters assigned to the same ones.

TOdo it means that the estate or industry where it has taken place or elaborated the product, is submitted to the controls and corresponding inspections of the Authority or of the Organism established to the effect in the respective Autonomous Community.

It constitutes, in turn, the only official guarantee of which the product answers to the quality supposed by the consumer and fulfills the procedure established in the Regulation (CE) 834/2007 and his dispositions of application. We invite him to buy ecological products gourmet in our shop online Central of the Gourmet.