Gourmet Jams

We have a wide variety of types of jams: Papaya, Mango, Cactus, banana, fig, Tangerine, pumpkin or chestnuts, among others.
They have neither dyes, additives, nor artificial aromas, the taste of the fruit ripened in the tree and picked up early in the morning to be cooked in a few hours.
Ideal for breakfasts, but especially with cheeses and foie, they can also offer a lot as a base of meat sauces and in pastry and pastry making.
In the kitchen they are treated with the extreme delicacy that involves working with fresh and very delicate fruit, the thermal packaging is done when our jams reach the point of cooking and proper texture that we want of each fruit, providing optimal conservation.

We always use a minimum of 65% fruit for 35% sugar, giving rise to an exquisite taste and aroma.

They are excellent for pastry and confectionery, combined with foie, colourful dar and surprising pairing on cheese boards, you will be surprised by their versatility in sauces bases… some jams to enjoy in the kitchen.